The maintenance work, which began in April, was completed on schedule on June 12, with take-off and landing directions of aircraft returning to normal

Renovation work on Helsinki Airport's runway 3 started on April 15, 2024. The renovation also included surface repairs of taxiways leading to the runway and other renovation work done during the runway closure, in particular on lighting systems.

During the renovation work, it was not possible to land on runway 3. Helsinki Airport's runways 1 (04R/22L) and 2 (15/33) were in normal use during the renovation work, and landings were primarily made on runway 2 from the northwest and runway 1 from the northeast. Departing flights followed the same directions as they would have departed in if taking off from runway 3.

“We have completed the renovation of runway 3 on schedule and according to the maintenance plan. Runways are subjected to enormous loads and their structures must be of the highest quality. Regular repairs ensure safe and smooth air traffic,” said Finavia vice president Jani Elasmaa, who is responsible for Helsinki Airport’s apron and runway operations.

“The regular repairs of runways are an important part of the lifecycle management of Helsinki Airport’s infrastructure. After the renovation work has been completed, runway 3 will once again serve the busy summer holiday travel at Helsinki Airport,” added Elasmaa.

Runway 3, Helsinki Airport
Runway 3, Helsinki Airport Finavia