Heathrow has partnered with global music community Sofar Sounds to launch a new Terminal 5 music stage this summer.

The Heathrow Introducing stage will host a diverse line up of emerging artists spanning pop, jazz, folk, RnB, soul and rock.

Monday saw the first of a series of gigs take place in Heathrow Terminal 5 when passengers were given a set of live performances by acoustic rock band China Bears, folk singer-songwriter The Halfway Kid, and RnB artist Olivia Nelson who this year was named Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Runner Up.  

They took place in the lead up to Heathrow’s busiest day in history, when 264,000 passengers are expected to pass through the airport’s doors on Sunday 30 June – an uplift of 6 percent on the same date last year and 10 times busier than July 2020.

There are 1.8 million passengers set to travel through Heathrow this week, more than almost any other week on record.  

With 30 million set to travel through in its busiest summer yet – a 1,400 percent increase on 2020’s 2 million – the airport will have more passengers than Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen and Lisbon see annually.

There are two more shows to come in July. The first will take place on Friday 12 July, and the second will take place on Wednesday 24 July.

Tonia Fielding, director of services at Heathrow, said: "Heathrow has long been hailed as the UK’s gateway to the world. We’re proud that we’re providing people from around the globe the chance to experience the best of Britain’s emerging musical talent and a taste of UK culture from the moment they reach the airport, while helping British talent supercharge their careers at the same time.

“We're gearing up for the busiest summer on record, meaning we can give artists on the Heathrow Introducing stage massive audiences to play to. As we strive to be an extraordinary airport, delivering the best travel experience in the UK, initiatives like this support our commitment to culture, innovation and excellence.”


Terminal 5 music stage