Flybe Aircraft: Where Are They Now?

Martin Needham provides an overview of the Flybe fleet before crunching the big data to establish where the company’s grounded aircraft are currently located.

When Flybe entered administration during the early hours of March 5, the airline was Europe’s largest regional airline and the UK’s fourth biggest by fleet size. It boasted 65 aircraft comprising 54 De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400s, nine Embraer E175s and a pair of E195s.

As with the collapses of Monarch Airlines and Thomas Cook Airlines in October 2017 and September 2019 respectively, the sudden suspension of Flybe’s services has left its fleet spread across the carrier’s network. While almost all the carrier’s aircraft were in the UK at the time it suspended operations, a single Dash 8 example has been impounded in Düsseldorf.

Airliner World research details the current whereabouts of Flybe’s now-mothballed airliners.

De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400

Flybe has had a long association with the Canadian-built turboprop, having received its maiden example on April 23, 2002. It has since flown 92 examples of the 78-seater, with 54 of those aircraft in operation as of March 5.

Flybe Collapse [Martin Needham] #3
Flybe de Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 - registration G-PRPN (c/n 4213) at Manchester Airport in May 2018. Martin Needham

Unsurprisingly, the type formed the backbone of the regional carrier’s fleet for more than a decade and were a common sight at both the company’s hubs and lesser frequented destinations. It was ideally suited for the firm’s network, offering a cost-effective solution for many of the niche flight routes which comprised Flybe’s bread and butter work.


Reg Type C/N Location Last Flown
G-ECOA Dash 8-400 4180 Exeter February 29
G-ECOB Dash 8-400 4185 Glasgow March 4
G-ECOC Dash 8-400 4197 Cardiff March 4
G-ECOD Dash 8-400 4206 Aberdeen March 4
G-ECOE Dash 8-400 4212 Southampton March 4
G-ECOF Dash 8-400 4216 Manchester March 4
G-ECOG Dash 8-400 4220 Birmingham March 4
G-ECOH Dash 8-400 4221 Southampton March 4
G-ECOI Dash 8-400 4224 Manchester February 24
G-ECOJ Dash 8-400 4229 Aberdeen March 4
G-ECOK Dash 8-400 4230 Southampton March 4
G-ECOM Dash 8-400 4233 Southampton March 4
G-ECOO Dash 8-400 4237 Exeter February 6
G-ECOP Dash 8-400 4242 Manchester March 4
G-ECOR Dash 8-400 4248 Birmingham March 4
G-ECOT Dash 8-400 4251 Manchester March 4
G-FLBA Dash 8-400 4253 Belfast/City March 3
G-FLBB Dash 8-400 4255 Newquay February 28
G-FLBC Dash 8-400 4257 Exeter March 4
G-FLBD Dash 8-400 4259 Birmingham March 4
G-FLBE Dash 8-400 4261 Newquay March 4
G-JECK Dash 8-400 4113 Aberdeen March 4
G-JECL Dash 8-400 4114 Exeter March 3
G-JECM Dash 8-400 4118 Southampton March 2
G-JECN Dash 8-400 4120 Edinburgh March 4
G-JECO Dash 8-400 4126 Exeter March 1
G-JECP Dash 8-400 4136 Glasgow March 4
G-JECR Dash 8-400 4139 Edinburgh March 4
G-JECX Dash 8-400 4155 Isle of Man March 4
G-JECY Dash 8-400 4157 Manchester March 4
G-JECZ Dash 8-400 4179 Birmingham March 4
G-JEDM Dash 8-400 4077 Exeter February 8
G-JEDP Dash 8-400 4085 Exeter March 4
G-JEDR Dash 8-400 4087 Exeter February 13
G-JEDT Dash 8-400 4088 Belfast/City March 4
G-JEDU Dash 8-400 4089 Belfast/City March 4
G-JEDV Dash 8-400 4090 Glasgow March 4
G-JEDW Dash 8-400 4093 Edinburgh March 4
G-KKEV Dash 8-400 4201 Edinburgh March 4
G-PRPA Dash 8-400 4187 Edinburgh March 4
G-PRPB Dash 8-400 4333 Manchester March 4
G-PRPC Dash 8-400 4338 Southampton March 4
G-PRPD Dash 8-400 4332 Düsseldorf March 4
G-PRPE Dash 8-400 4209 Belfast/City March 4
G-PRPF Dash 8-400 4195 Belfast/City March 4
G-PRPG Dash 8-400 4191 Belfast/City March 4
G-PRPH Dash 8-400 4323 London/
March 4
G-PRPJ Dash 8-400 4204 Edinburgh March 4
G-PRPK Dash 8-400 4203 Exeter March 4
G-PRPL Dash 8-400 4380 Birmingham March 4
G-PRPM Dash 8-400 4188 Edinburgh March 4
G-PRPN Dash 8-400 4213 Exeter March 4
G-PRPO Dash 8-400 4214 Manchester March 4


Embraer E175

The General Electric CF34-powered Embraer E175 formed the backbone of Flybe’s regional jet fleet, with nine aircraft in use at the time of the carrier’s collapse. Except for two examples on lease from Germany’s HEH Aviation, G-FBJI (c/n 17000355) and G-FBJJ (c/n 17000358), the entire E175 fleet was owned by the Exeter-based regional giant.

Flybe Collapse - E175 [Martin Needham] #1
Flybe Embraer E175 - registration G-FBJK (c/n 17000359) - at Manchester Airport in June 2018. Martin Needham

The aircraft type was primarily used on international links from Manchester, such as those from the Northwest hub to Paris/CDG, Amsterdam/Schiphol, Knock, Luxembourg, Düsseldorf and Hannover. The jets also plied routes from Birmingham to Lyon, Paris, Geneva, Milan and Berlin/Tegel.


Reg Type C/N Location Last Flown
G-FBJA Embraer E175 17000326 Birmingham March 4
G-FBJB Embraer E175 17000327 Manchester March 4
G-FBJC Embraer E175 17000328 Birmingham March 4
G-FBJD Embraer E175 17000329 Manchester March 4
G-FBJE Embraer E175 17000336 Birmingham March 4
G-FBJF Embraer E175 17000341 Exeter March 2
G-FBJI Embraer E175 17000355 Birmingham March 4
G-FBJJ Embraer E175 17000358 Glasgow March 4
G-FBJK Embraer E175 17000359 Manchester March 4


Embraer E195

Flybe had already phased out its two remaining Embraer E195s, with the type’s last revenue service for the Exeter-based company taking place on February 24. The Edinburgh-Birmingham link had been operated by G-FBEK, the Brazilian-built jet was ferried to East Midlands later the same day for painting into Great Dane Airlines colours. As the two examples of Flybe’s largest type were leased from Falko, it is likely that they will quickly be returned to the Hertfordshire-based lessor.


Reg Type C/N Location Last Flown
G-FBEJ Embraer E195 19000155 Exeter January 17
G-FBEK Embraer E195 19000168 Exeter March 3


Aircraft Storage by Airport

Location Aircraft Stored Total 

Dash 8-400 (x10)

E175 (x1)

E195 (x2)


Dash 8-400 (x7)

E175 (x3)


Dash 8-400 (x5)

E175 (x4)



Edinburgh Dash 8-400 (x7) 7
Southampton Dash 8-400 (x7) 7
Belfast/City Dash 8-400 (x6) 6

Dash 8-400 (x3)

E175 (x1)

Aberdeen Dash 8-400 (x3) 3
Newquay Dash 8-400 (x2) 2
London/Heathrow Dash 8-400 (x1) 1
Cardiff Dash 8-400 (x1) 1
Düsseldorf Dash 8-400 (x1) 1
Isle of Man Dash 8-400 (x1) 1


The storing of additional ten aircraft at Manchester compounds an increasingly complex problem. The hub is currently mid-way through a £1bn programme to more than double the size of Terminal 2, meaning aircraft parking areas are already at a premium. Additionally, five TUI Airways Boeing 737 MAX 8s have been stored at the site since the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority prohibited the type’s operation in March 2019. Furthermore, three former Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330-200s remain on site following the airline’s collapse on September 23.

The three Thomas Cook A330s at Manchester may give some insight as to the length of time that some former Flybe aircraft could remain stored at airports up and down the country. The Exeter airline owned 20 of its Dash 8-400s and seven E175s outright and it is unlikely that the company’s administrators will have a need to collate assets such as these at a central location.

Flybe Collapse E195 [Wikimedia Commons/RHL Images] #1
A Flybe E195 takes to the air. RHL Images/Wikimedia Commons

More than half of the company’s 65 aircraft were leased, and it is likely that their respective lessors will act quickly to place their assets with other airlines.

While it is still early days, no UK airlines have made a move to fill the large hole left by Flybe. Regional specialists such as Loganair and, Blue Islands and Stobart Air would be likely candidates, with their fleets suited to the routes previously plied by Flybe. Additional capacity in the form of more than 50 Dash 8-400s is also expected to be available in the not-too-distant-future.

Thicker routes, such as links from Manchester and Birmingham to Paris, Geneva and Amsterdam, would likely be capitalised upon by KLM-Air France, Swiss and easyJet, however, the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak could provide reason for hesitancy.

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