Finnish airport operator Finavia has launched a phone line allowing callers in Düsseldorf to listen to the sounds of Lapland

The outdoor marketing campaign runs in the city of Düsseldorf for one week, from June 3, 2024. Ads placed around the city will promote the Call the Wilderness phone number. The number is available for three weeks from the start of the campaign and is free to call.

After dialling the number, the caller is greeted by the buzz of the airport and a guide which helps them to choose their preferred experience. Callers will be able to connect to one of four distinct Lapland areas, each offering its own unique soundscape – from winds and forests to waves and birds. They will also have the option to select from four different seasons.

The outdoor campaign will run for one week
The outdoor campaign will run for one week Finavia

“We want to respond to the growing demand of travellers looking for experiences that are diverse, unique and representative of their values – something that allows them to escape from the chaos of busy modern life,” said Finavia’s head of marketing, Anna Tuomi.

Finavia offers four key gateways to Lapland: Kittilä, Ivalo, Kuusamo and Rovaniemi airports, all accessible with direct route connections and year-round with transfer connections via Helsinki Airport.

The number is displayed throughout Düsseldorf
The number is displayed throughout Düsseldorf Finavia