Finnish airport operator Finavia is to reduce the indoor temperature and lighting of its terminals in a bid to cut energy consumption.

Finavia has drawn up an energy-saving plan that will involve reducing indoor temperatures and electricity consumption by various means.

“We are taking part in the national energy-saving campaign ‘Down a Degree’ to ensure that there will be enough energy for everyone in Finland next winter. Finavia has a large number of buildings at its airports, which makes it possible to save significant amounts of electricity through smart and efficient energy use,” said Henri Hansson, senior vice president, airport infrastructure, sustainability, safety, security and compliance at Finavia.

“Our goal is to save an amount of energy equivalent to the annual consumption of nearly 400 detached houses with electric heating.”

In recent years, Finavia has invested in energy efficiency and energy economics. Solar panels have been installed on the roofs and walls of buildings and glass windows at Helsinki Airport reflect heat back outwards, reducing the need for mechanical cooling in warm weather.

“Finavia uses 100% wind electricity at all 20 of its airports, combined with solar electricity at Helsinki Airport. In addition, half of the airports are heated using fully renewable energy, and airport vehicles run on renewable fuels,” Hansson said.

Finavia has also taken measures towards saving electricity in its airport car parks. LED lights are controlled by motion sensors, which means that the lights in the halls turn on only when needed. Electric cars are charged with electricity generated by solar panels.

All Finavia airports have been carbon neutral since 2019.

Image: Finavia