National carrier Fiji Airways is to manage the operations of Fiji Airports Limited, in a bid to build on existing synergies between the two organisations. 

“The pandemic has had a significant impact on the aviation sector, and historic operating models and structures are in many cases no longer relevant or optimal,” said Andre Viljoen, the airline’s managing director and CEO.  

“Through this agreement, we will provide strategic leadership, and manage the airport ecosystem under the policies and guidance of Fiji Airports Board of Directors and its shareholders.” 

According to the new partners, the core task of an airport is the provision of necessary infrastructure required for aircraft operations, the management of terminals, ensuring the provision of efficient ground handling, cargo services, air traffic management, and compliance with all regulatory, safety and security legislation.

It should also deliver a pleasant and welcoming quality customer experience, engaging retail, and food and beverage services, along with a safe and secure environment for workers and travellers including baggage processing and check-in services, they stressed.

“This is exactly what we will deliver on as the new management company for Fiji Airports. Using our tried and tested service development and quality culture innovations, through various education and training programmes we are confident of improving operations at Fiji Airports on all levels,” Viljoen said.

He added: “There cannot be a ‘disconnect’ between airlines and airports. Now, more than ever, we need these two companies [Fiji Airways and Fiji Airports] to be in lockstep, working together to ensure that every airline, every visitor, returning Fijian, freight shipper and inter-island traveller sees the very best of our country represented at our airports.”