Edinburgh Airport has launched its disruptive passenger campaign – No Excuse For Abuse – ahead of the 2024 summer season

The No Excuse For Abuse campaign encourages passengers to behave responsibly at every point of their journey, and sees staff from across the campus working together to share information.

The campaign brings together airport staff alongside Police Scotland, airlines, handling agents, retailers, and others to provide information and report any individuals causing disruption – which could include abusive behaviour towards staff or drinking alcohol to excess – to the airport's operational control centre. That information can then be shared across the network to ensure any suspected incidents can be monitored and discussed, with police action where and when required.

Adam Wilson, chief operating officer at Edinburgh Airport, said: “Although instances of disruptive behaviour remain low, the No Excuse For Abuse campaign reminds every one of the responsibility we have to ensure behave in a safe and respectful manner to each other, whether that be members of your party or when interacting with staff across the campus.

“We work closely with our partners to proactively engage with passengers and encourage that responsible behaviour, but we will always take a zero-tolerance approach towards that small minority who fail to act in a responsible manner.”

The campaign is launching ahead of the summer season
The campaign is launching ahead of the summer season Edinburgh Airport