Airport Dimensions has teamed up with technology and digital media provider Sparc Technology to enhance and personalize the in-lounge experience with Connecta, the one stop e-commerce and traveller loyalty platform. Called Connecta In-Lounge, the new platform draws on the expertise of both companies and reflects Airport Dimensions’ commitment to expanding and enhancing the digital airport experience, while increasing airports’ ability to drive revenue growth.

Fully customizable, Connecta In-Lounge can be tailored to any specific range of services available at each airport location. Accessible via a single QR code the platform allows passengers to order food and beverages, book services such as showers and business pods, share feedback and access a selection of online media, including newspapers, magazines and podcasts curated for each location.

Connecta In-Lounge will be rolled out across Airport Dimension’s own Club lounges, partner locations and can be white labeled and customized as part of the airport’s own branded traveller experience. It will be demonstrated at Future Travel Experience (FTE) in Dublin this June when it will be used to deliver in-event services to visitors to the Airport Dimensions lounge at FTE.

Airports have long considered lounges a commercial blackspot, which prevent the traveller from shopping and spending at the airport. With Connecta In-Lounge’s ability to offer e-commerce, duty free, destination and other paid services direct from a mobile phone from the comfort of the lounge, it offers a platform for airports to drive new revenue growth from this key affluent travel segment.

Stephen Hay, Global Strategy Director for Airport Dimensions and Global Proposition Head for Connecta, said: “Airport lounges are a high touch environment, and blending the best hospitality with an outstanding digital experience ensures a visit to one of our lounges is memorable for all the right reasons. Connecta In-Lounge offers travellers quick and easy access to a range of more personalized services, boosting satisfaction and driving new revenue opportunities for the airport. Sparc Technology is a global leader in bringing together the seamless digital experience, custom online media and deep understanding of the needs of the hospitality sector. We are really excited about working in partnership with Sparc to seamlessly converge the physical and digital experience across the airport.”

Sparc Technology CEO Juan Whitby adds: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Airport Dimensions to deliver Connecta In-Lounge through our international license holders, and know this new and fully customized service will prove an instant hit for travellers, airport lounges and operators alike.”