Indonesian operator Angkasa Pura Airports is to develop cargo facilities at Biak’s Frans Kaisiepo Airport.

Frans Kaisiepo Airport’s cargo facilities are to be expanded in preparation for handling increasing exports of fisheries products. This is in line with the Indonesian Government's plans to develop the Biak Numfor fishery sector in the province of Papua.

The airport’s current cargo terminal covers an area of 324m2 with a receiving capacity of 20 tons of cargo per day and daily outgoing capacity of 12 tons of cargo. It will be expanded to 3,800m2, with two refrigerated warehouses with a capacity of five tons each and a transhipment warehouse of 60m2 with a capacity of 65 tons. 

Lobster, grouper and shrimp are shipped from Frans Kaisisepo Airport to Jakarta, Denpasar, Makassar, Sentani, and Surabaya. Shipments to Singapore began in August and the Indonesian Government hopes to see Biak fish exported directly to China and Japan in the future.