Lagardère Travel Retail Belgium and Atos have jointly developed a fully automated duty-free point of sales at Brussels Airport’s Pier A. 

The new technological concept, based on the use of interactive furniture and 3D (LIDAR) cameras, facilitates the automatic recognition of products selected by the passengers. After entering the point of sales by scanning their boarding pass, the passengers can select their purchases. These are grouped in a virtual basket at the moment they pass the payment terminal. The passengers can then check the details of their basket, finalise the transaction with their credit card and leave the point of sales with the articles they have purchased.

After several weeks of testing, “Quick N’ Easy” is now operational, selling a range of popular Belgian beers and chocolates.  

“We are always looking for opportunities to enhance the passenger experience and to offer quick and touchless alternatives for our passengers throughout the airport. With this innovative shopping solution, a purchase can be carried out swiftly and autonomously, without the need to scan the products. This is truly a “Quick N’ Easy” stop to shop for some Belgian delicacies as a gift or just for yourself,” said Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport. 

Image: Lagardère Travel Retail Belgium