The Greek hospitality subsidiary of Libra Group will build and operate four vertiports to support the uptake of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in Greece

With strategic locations, including the capital city of Athens, the South mainland, and the Aegean islands, the vertiports are expected to enhance regional connectivity and promote ecotourism. This is the first construction of its kind and is part of a €50m investment by Aria Hotels to advance the uptake of eVTOLs and the future of Greece’s sustainable economy.

Part of Libra Group, and a boutique hospitality group with approximately 70 properties across Greece, Aria Hotels says it is one of the first hospitality companies in the world, and the first in Greece, to directly lease eVTOL aircraft.

Aria has leased ten all-electric ALIA eVTOLs, developed by BETA Technologies, through an agreement with LCI, an aerospace subsidiary of Libra Group and an aircraft lessor.

The new vertiports will include electric charging stations and relaxation areas for customers, requiring minimal space and environmental impact as compared to infrastructure for traditional aircraft. The eVTOLs are net carbon-zero and designed to carry five passengers and a pilot or 1,400 lbs (635 kgs) of payload. With a maximum range of 250 nautical miles and the ability to recharge in under an hour, these aircraft are ideal for transporting tourists from Greece’s mainland to its islands and everywhere in between.

Aria Hotels will oversee the operation of the vertiports and manage the ten eVTOLs.

Makis Pantazatos, CEO of Aria Hotels, said, “Enhancing connectivity and offering unique travel experiences will attract more visitors; Aria is proud to boost tourism and create jobs across Greece while promoting sustainability – our ethos as a Libra Group company.” He continued, “With the construction of this vital infrastructure, we are proud to make the first-of-its-kind investments to allow Greece to benefit from new technologies supporting ecotourism. This investment also furthers Aria’s driving mission to help more travellers experience authentic Greece’s culture, history, and unparalleled and diverse beauty.”

The new vertiports will transport visitors between Greece’s mainland and its islands
The new vertiports will transport visitors between Greece’s mainland and its islands Aria Hotels