Ancona International Airport has hosted a series of aerospace test flights conducted by Italy’s National Research Council (CNR)

The tests are part of a framework agreement between Italy’s Marche Region and CNR, signed in July 2023, promoting scientific and technological collaboration. The tests mark the first in a series which aim to put satellites into orbit and ultimately realise increasingly ambitious future space missions.

Ancona International Airport was identified as the ideal location for the development of a flagship space platform for Italy’s aerospace projects due to its infrastructure and sizeable launch site. CNR’s successful test flight underscores the airport’s pivotal role in economic development, global trade, tourism and connectivity, and paves the way for future missions, reinforcing Italy’s position in the global aerospace landscape.

The groundbreaking work that Ancona International is facilitating in the aerospace sector is just one of six key areas in the airport’s development strategy, supported by Njord Partners, Ancona International’s majority shareholder. The strategic plan focuses on growth across passengers, cargo, aerospace, eVTOL, aircraft maintenance, recovery and conversion, and general aviation. In 2023, passenger traffic grew by 11% and the airport aims to become one of the largest hubs for aircraft maintenance, recovery and conversion in Italy. Ancona International's proximity to the Marche Region’s Freight Village and the imminent opening of one of Amazon Italy’s logistics site locally further underlines the Marche airport’s importance as a potential national logistics hub. Investment in a vertiport capable of supporting urban air mobility systems and electric cargo drones further highlights the airport’s pioneering development and investment in sustainable transportation.

“Witnessing the CNR’s successful test flights was a proud moment for everyone involved in the evolution of Ancona International Airport into a pioneering and strategic regional hub with national importance for Italy’s economy. The test flights represent a leap forward in our development and collaboration and underline our commitment to supporting innovation and growth in the region,” said airport CEO Alex D’Orsogna.

Ancona is also known as Marche Airport, reflecting the region it serves
Ancona is also known as Marche Airport, reflecting the region it serves Ancona International Airport