Honeywell global senior director of innovation Alison Wyrick has been appointed to the Advanced Air Mobility Institute’s board of directors

With over 15 years of global experience in the aerospace and advanced technology sectors, Alison Wyrick has a track record of driving innovation and growth. In her previous role as global director of customer marketing for AAM (advanced air mobility) at Honeywell Aerospace, Wyrick led the marketing, communications, brand, and media strategy for the $10bn AAM business, exceeding revenue targets and achieving marketing-generated wins. She is actively involved in industry organisations such as AUVSI (Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International) and serves as a recruiter for the Honeywell Political Action Committee.

“I am honoured to join the board of directors at the Advanced Air Mobility Institute,” said Wyrick. “Our mission to protect people, their rights, and the systems we rely on aligns perfectly with my passion for innovation, ethical technology advancement, and navigating the complexities of introducing new technologies to the public. I am committed to building shared trust, understanding, and acceptance of this transformative form of transportation, ensuring it benefits society as a whole.”

Alison Wyrick
Alison Wyrick Advanced Air Mobility Institute