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Zurich to trial Smiths CT scanners

The new scanners will identify potential security threats without travellers being required to remove electronics and liquids from their hand luggage

Kyra Lounge opens at HKIA

Airport Dimensions, SSP and Travel Food Services have collaborated to open the Kyra Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

Embross signs Marseille contract

Passenger self-service tech specialist Embross Airport Services has signed a long-term contract with Aéroport Marseille Provence

Schiphol cancels parallel runway plans

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has definitively cancelled its plans to develop a new runway parallel to the existing Kaagbaan Runway

Menzies launches PressReader in lounges

Users of Menzies Aviation’s Pearl Lounges will now have access to digital newspaper, magazine and eBook platform PressReader content

Perth to create sensory room

Perth Airport aims to help neurodivergent travellers, with the creation of a room within Terminal 1 International

Curaçao Express Pass Goes Live

The world's first pre-flight biometric digital ID verification for contactless border crossing - Curaçao Express Pass – has launched

TSA deploys CT scanners at BWI

The TSA has installed new automated screening lanes with computed tomography scanners at BWI Airport checkpoints

Paris Métro extends to Orly

Île-de-France Mobilités has opened the extension to Métro Line 14, connecting the city of Paris with Saint-Denis and Orly Airport

Alstef’s BAGXONE goes live at Belgrade

Alstef Group has completed the commissioning of a new  baggage handling system at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport in Serbia


Delivering the world’s most exciting transport hub

How CPK will transform logistics and operations throughout Europe?

CPK – an ambitious Polish mobility project

Mikołaj Wild, president of Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, will discuss the project’s progress at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam

CPK signs infrastructure agreement

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny is to sign a framework agreement concerning the design of CPK's airport support infrastructure


The Smart Path to Airport Safety and Security

The airports of today are vastly different than they were just a generation ago – and their technological evolution will continue to accelerate.

Prioritising safety in unmanned aircraft system traffic management

Drones are proliferating throughout the world’s airspace, making them impossible to ignore. As their numbers rise, the importance of finding a way for them to safely coexist with manned aircraft is growing increasingly urgent.