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LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH

Short company description:

LASE PeCo is a solution provider for systems to surveil open areas as well as to inquire visitor frequencies or for path tracking. We secure buildings and open spaces against trespass or desertion by the installation of laser-based security systems.

By the choice of our hardware devices and within software development we put particular emphasis on high quality standards, reliability and also unhesitating solutions regarding the privacy policy.

Fields of applications:

Walls, fences, intelligent detection technology and state-of-the-art surveillance methods: the possibilities of extensive security applications for the object detection are versatile and highly complex today. Not only in highly-sensitive areas like airports, nuclear facilities, prisons and forensics field surveillances are inevitable, but also in inner yards of banks, embassies, data centres or right up to shopping centres. Even logistics companies, museums, stadiums (indoors) and private properties belong to our range of customers.

In all different application areas the use of precise and modern laser technology is one of the most reliable methods. We are creating individual security concepts together with our customers, who all have one aim: security in all areas.

Our laser measuring systems are suitable indoors as well as for outdoor applications by specially developed housings. By the use of specific algorithms this technology is robust against all weather conditions. The system is also secure against false alarms by its absolute data information in comparison to strict image evaluations.

In an existing surveillance of buildings or open spaces by laser scanners this system can also be upgraded. Likewise present dome-cameras can be used.

Product description – Facade Monitoring

A laser-based detection within the monitoring of facades and roofs is the best solution.

Object protection in outdoor areas comprises the securing of roofs, facades, doors, gates, windows and skylights. Highly precise 2D laser scanners register even smallest movements within protection areas. Their huge scan range and a day-/night circuit ensure high flexibility in terms of the security concept. False alarms through animals or leaves can be reduced by the choice of the object size which has to be detected.

These are the most important features for a reliable protection of facades and roofs:

  • Two-dimensional environment detection by laser scanners
  • Time-of-flight measurement (TOF) ensures exact localisation of objects or persons by the reflected light and delivers dimension, distance and velocity data
  • Significantly low false alarm rate
  • Adjustable detection areas and object properties (dimension, duration within detection area)
  • Covered installation also possible
  • Several alarm zones with different parameters also adjustable

Product description – LaseALD – Airfield Luggage Detection

The application LaseALD – Airfield Luggage Detection is a laser scanner-based clearance test system for the high-precision and reliable detection of objects at landing fields and airports. A barrier and an intersection light system are integrated for a visible barrier. The airfield is scanned activly to ensure an obstacle-free airfield for passing airplanes.

By using 3D-laser scanners the operator in the airport tower can exclude possible danger through a Lost Luggage Control, hence any damages for the planes across soked objects in the jet engine can be studiously avoided. Point of installation of the 3D-laser scanners for LaseALD – Airfield Luggage Detection is a pylon construction near the runway boundary. Each laser scanner is mounted and sheltered through a weather protection housing against general weather conditions and has an individual angle setting of +/- 45°. The combined and simple traffic light system allows a flawless integration within this application.

General features and customer benefits:

  • Highly-accurate 3D-laser scanner technology
  • Extensive landing field monitoring
  • Immediate alarm generation in case of object detection
  • Reliable detection even at darkness or inclement weather
  • Use of several laser scanners possible
  • Weatherproof (temperature range: -25°C … +50°C
  • Self-control through reference points

Product description - Virtual Fence

Perimeter protection with a so called "Virtual Fence" by applying laser technology starts at the site boundary, i.e. at a fence or a wall, and ends at the facade of a building. In order to secure all these areas, the sensor software analyses all created surveillance fields. In case of an intrusion into the surveillance field an alarm signal will be generated immediately.

Additionally, in order to determine the exact position of a person on the site, the measurement data of the laser scanners/sensors will be used and shown on a display. The function of a horizontal monitoring can also be defined in regards to customer needs by determining the distanced which has to be surveilled.

These are the most important features for a reliable perimeter and building protection:

  • Vertical fence protection by creation of a vertical scan plane
  • Horizontal monitoring of open spaces with determinable distances
  • High detection rate and independent from weather effects
  • Avoids the intrusion and crawling under of persons
  • Immediate alarm generation
  • Suppression of small objects like animals

Product description - Laser-Tracking-System LTS 400

The connection of a laser-based detection system and a zoom-controlled tracking by a video-system ist the best solution for perimeter protection and open space surveillance.

Normally the trespass and desertion of security zones is monitored by security forces and/or automatic video-systems. But those video monitoring-systems only deliver blurry pictures or even small depictions. The reasons are mostly oversized surveillance areas and nonexistent information about the exact location of the violation area.

The Laser-Tracking-System LTS 400 by LASE PeCo closes the security gap due to:

  • Controlling of the cameras incl. zoom onto the object/subject
  • Knowing the exact information of the location of the violation area
  • Generating specific alerts
  • Video recording starts automatically

By knowing the exact location of the violation area an optimal automatic camera controlling is ensued.

Your Advantages:

  • Always the best picture details
  • Exoneration resp. saving of personell
  • More security
  • Reduction of costs


LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH
Wesel (Germany)
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Laser Detection System - Facade Monitoring - Mounting example Laser Detection System - Installation example - Facade Monitoring LASE PeCo_-_Visualisation_virtual_fence LDS - Laser Detection System - Installation_example_fence_protection LTS 400 - Laser Tracking System - Installation example (2) LTS 400 - Laser Tracking System - Installation example LTS_400_Software_screenshot_building_surveillance_16-9 LTS400_Software_screenshot_-_overview_multiple_surveillance_areas_(zoomed) LTS400_Software_screenshot_-_overview_multiple_surveillance_areas Image 1 LaseALD  Installation at Cologne Bonn Airport Image 2 User mask  software application LaseALD Image 3 3D Laser scanner LASE 3000D_22x with mounting bracket Image 4  Illlustration LaseALD Image 5 3D Laser scanner at mounting site Image 6 LaseALD  Installation site Image 7  LaseALD Installation site 2 Image 8  LaseALD  barrier system with traffic lights

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