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Special Mobility are a leading provider of PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) transport systems for the airport sector. The transport wheelchair Caddy3 is designed for PRM purposes and available with all kind of options for all your PRM needs. The Caddy3 wheelchair is strong, has low maintenance and is available with a rack for cabin luggage.
The Caddy3 can be connected with each other.

In 2015 Special Mobility has introduced a very efficient, cost saving concept for PRM services. An electronic powered wheelchair that can be connected to the wheelchair Caddy3. The Caddy e-Move can turn around 360 degrees.

With this Caddy e-Move it is possible to take 2 to 3 Passengers in one ride. Also empty wheelchairs can be collected in a row!
The patented fixations can be ordered as an accessory on the Caddy wheelchair. With this fixation you can connect Caddy wheelchair with each other, but also the wheelchair can be connected to the Special Mobility luggage trolley.

Special Mobility solves the luggage problem of PRM.
As you can see at the photo the Caddy wheelchair has a luggage rack and it can be fitted to a luggage trolley for the bigger luggage. The attendant can transport a Passenger including a lot of luggage.

The concept provides ergonomic transport of PRM including luggage and also an effective collecting of empty wheelchairs.


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