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Ammeraal Beltech

Airport Baggage and Logistics

Ammeraal Beltech is an innovative supplier of belting solutions for a variety of industries including airports, logistics and mail. Through its worldwide organisation, Ammeraal Beltech is able to provide expertise and full support from the initial design stages to final installation and operation.

Ammeraal Beltech offers both standard and tailor-made belting solutions for airports. The belts are extremely durable, withstanding repeated use over long periods of time. The belts enable easier, faster and more efficient movement to speed up processes, help to ensure reliable airport operations and give opportunities to lower costs.

Airport Baggage Belting

With an increasing demand for international air travel, airports are expanding – with the necessity for faster movement of passengers, baggage and goods. Ammeraal Beltech offers solutions:

»          To ensure airport operations run on time

»          Assist in health and safety issues

»          Reduce energy costs.

Check-in and weighing

Transport of baggage from check-in counters to baggage sorting areas must be safe and reliable. Special covers and profiles give good grip and prevent cases sliding back.

X-ray scanning

Pre-departure security checks and baggage screening is vitally important. Specially designed screening belts improve the scanning process and prevent congestion.

Baggage sorting and handling

Reducing baggage transfer times increases passenger flow and shortens connection times. Dedicated flame retardant, wear resistant belts for feeding, merging, cross belt sorting and discharge reduce downtime and delays and ensure precise sorting.

Belly loading

Loading and unloading planes in all weathers requires safe and efficient equipment. Resistant belts assist in smooth baggage handling and ensure maximum service life, even in harsh conditions.

Baggage transit and reclaim

An efficient and uninterrupted baggage handling process without any delay, in transit and at final destination, is secured by safe and reliable conveyor belts, also in complex sorting processes.

Logistics and Mail Belting

Sorting and transportation of billions of parcels and airmail through an airport can be complicated. Ammeraal Beltech's logistics and mail belts help to simplify complex sorting, transportation and loading procedures to ensure reliable scheduled dispatch.

Protection of product

Parcels and airmail must not be damaged. Smooth running belts protect the product from jostles or bumps.

Smooth process

Sorting, transportation and loading of cargo and mail should be without interruptions or downtime. To achieve this, risk factors must be eliminated. Reliable belts with long service life can support: flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, high friction, high antistaticity, high wear resistance, etc.

Ammeraal Beltech’s Expertise

Ammeraal Beltech is one of the world’s leaders in process and conveyor belting with a worldwide distribution and service network in more than 150 countries.

Knowing your process

Industry and product knowledge are the foundation of an innovative and service-oriented organisation.

For all your belting needs

Ammeraal Beltech is able to provide all your belting needs under one roof ensuring easy access to all necessary products and services from the same supplier. This is convenient, saves time and it helps to significantly reduce expenditure on purchasing and logistics.

Just-in-time delivery

World-wide distribution and large service network; skilled personnel are on call to install, service and repair belts using professional equipment. Most orders can be dispatched directly from stock.

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