B737/E190 Captain | China, Asia

  • Reference: Avitalent Group
  • Recruiter: Aviation Job Search
  • Location: China , Asia & SE Asia
  • Salary: $314,084/Year
  • Sector: Fixed Wing Pilots
  • Job Type: Full time



FUZHOU AIRLINES offers the highest salary up to $314,084 (after tax) for B737 Captains and $299,600 (after tax) for E190 Captains!! 

Fuzhou Airlines

Fuzhou Airlines is a mixed ownership enterprise, established by Hainan Airlines from HNA Group ,Fuzhou State Property Investment Co., Ltd. and another two corporations, registered capital is RMB 2 billion.

FZA plans to operate B787 aircraft in early 2019, and will provide a chance for all B737 foreign pilots to transfer to B787.


Transportation Allowance

Housing Allowance

Safety Bonus

Compensation for work on holidays and off days

Medical Insurance

Insurance against flying suspension

Educiational Benefits

Commuting Roster Options

  1. Option 1: 36 days off per year

    90 days off per year

110 days off per year

125 days off per year

2. Option 2: 6 weeks on 2 weeks off

4 weeks on 2 weeks off

3. Option 3: 4 weeks on 4 weeks off


Fuzhou, Harbin, China

Basic Requirements

  1. Age below 55
  2. 500+ PIC hours on current type
  3. 3000+ total flight hours
  4. Logbook (the last 3 pages)
  5. The last time proficiency check is within validity period
  6. valid passport, medical Certificate and license
  7. ICAO English level 4 or higher
  8. No criminal record

Why AviTalent?

AviTalent is an international aviation service provider based in Hong Kong. PurpleSky Capital, one of the most famous VC companies in China, is a major shareholder of AviTalent. Established in 2014, Avitalent uses its worldwide network to provide diversified aviation services, including pilot leasing and aviation training. In 2017, former JP Morgan Chase China President Brett Krause joined AviTalent's board of directors. Under his guidance, AviTalent is expanding into aircraft charter service and aircraft leasing. AviTalent provides highly qualified and experienced pilots and other executives to airlines across China, including a Global Talent Recruitment Agreement with HNA Aviation Management Services Company in 2017. AviTalent has also partnered with FlightSafety International, a Berkshire Hathaway company, to provide the best possible training specific to the needs of the aviation industry, for initial pilot training, having already trained more than 2000 student cadets for Chinese airlines, which is the first CAAC-certified overseas flight school.

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