eXaminer SX Receives EU Approval

THE EXAMINER SX explosives detection system (EDS) from L-3 Security & Detection Systems has passed the EU Commission Regulation Standard 3 under the European Civil … More ››

Passenger Tax Rises

AVIATION EXECUTIVES have hit out at the UK Government’s decision to proceed with pre-announced plans to increase Air Passenger Duty (APD) on all flights leaving … More ››

Better not Bigger?

A conference titled The Future for Aviation in the UK considered the new British Government’s philosophy, as Roy Allen reports. The likelihood of a totally … More ››

Champ Meets Nigerian Regulations

ON AUGUST 12 Champ Cargosystems announced that seven freight carriers operating to and from Nigeria, including Cargolux, are using its solution to comply with Nigeria’s … More ››

EU Advised to Follow US’ Lead

THE EUROPEAN Regions Airline Association (ERA) is calling on the European Commission to revise its passenger rights law with claims that the US Department of … More ››

US Airlines Hit Out at Emissions Proposals

THE AIR Transport Association of America (ATA), the trade organisation representing the leading US airlines, has been successful with its legal challenge into the proposed … More ››

UK Airports Policy: Fresh approach or recipe for disaster?

Bruce Hales-Dutton explains that now may not be a particularly good time to be an airport lobbyist. A glance at the post-election list of UK … More ››

EU To Ease Liquid Rules

THE EUROPEAN Commission has announced that it plans to ease the security restrictions currently applied to the amount of liquids passengers can take aboard aircraft … More ››

UK Politicians Clash On Airports Policy

AIRPORTS POLICY is unlikely to be a major General Election issue in the UK on May 6, but it was certainly the subject of a … More ››

Flight Path to the Future

Emma Kelly reviews the Australian Government’s recent Aviation White Paper. At the end of 2009, the Australian Government laid to rest some questions on future … More ››